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Know Thyself – Gateway To African Knowledge

Part 1 Project 2019
Qudus Patrick
Ravensbourne University London | UK
My proposed design is a multifunctional building that accommodates a library/art museum that acts as a gateway to African knowledge, culture and identity.

The project celebrates African identity through spaces that exhibit art and history inspired by Africa’s ancient history of culture, as well as spaces for reflection inspired by cultures of ancient Ethiopia and Egypt. To access the “divine intelligence” and prepare their minds and bodies through rituals and meditation, users are enhanced through the ritual of lighting incense, playing tribal or drum-based music which evokes the spirit of various African cultures. This re-enactment of the past creates a present form drawn from the cultural tradition. This is for the primary user to relearn, reconnect, re-identify, and to learn what wasn’t taught before.

My proposal will help highlight the cultural diversity as well as a re-birth of the cultural identity within African communities. It is with this acknowledgement that tradition gives a limited form of identification. This proposal reflects a series of moments that I have encountered in my journey in finding myself. This will allow the user to celebrate the history of African, whilst discovering their purpose. Empowering Africans that live in London by teaching them who they are.

Qudus Patrick

Idrees Rasouli
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