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The Coventry Ring Road Press

Part 1 Project 2019
Samuel Kerin
University of Nottingham | UK
To rejuvenate areas around Coventry’s ring road during its designation as City of Culture 2021, a part-temporary project looks at the importance of a community-generated news source, in a scheme where newspapers can be made and distributed in order to combat recent trends of fake news and propaganda, culminating in a final celebration of analogue media. The built scheme itself sits on top of, as well as slots into newly made openings in a raised portion of the ring road to the East of the city. The scheme is formed of three main elements, with the most prominent being the ‘Print Tower’ where the main newspaper production takes place. A round concrete structure houses the writing, editing and public enjoyment aspects of the buildings program, with the third element being a stretch of short-term housing for people who want to live next to and work within other parts of the project. The buildings are tied to the rest of the city with the integration of an elevated tramline that follows the newly proposed pedestrianised ring road, allowing for the public to navigate to other places around Coventry, as well as serve a second purpose of distributing the newspapers themselves.
Samuel Kerin

Negin Ghorbani
Farida Makki
Anna Mill
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