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Serjeant Award for Excellence in Drawing

Common Fields: An Architecture in Response to the Digital Interface

Part 1 Project 2019
Thomas Faulkner
Architectural Association London | UK
Consumed by the digital platform, we live within an echo chamber of our own voices. The world at our fingertips is different to the world in our neighbourhood.

Common Fields is designed using social media as a tool in order to engage a diverse people group. Surrounding the epicentre of disconnect, the project manipulates the existing six month migrant farming work patterns and constructs a family of inhabitable farming creatures that act as a spectacle to the surrounding communities. By high-jacking existing machinery, a social platform is created: a collective skin of creatures scarring the land of Lincolnshire and forming a coterie on the dividing line of the prime meridian. Through a playful feed, the design explores how can architecture respond to form interaction in a community consumed by the digital interface?

Thomas Faulkner

Ryan Dillon
David Greene
Patricia Mato-Mora
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