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Ljubljana Transport Hub - Design of Ljubljana Transport Hub with an Airport for Light Aircraft and Drones

Part 2 Project 2019
Dušan Sekulic
University of Ljubljana | Slovenia
Due to the technological improvements in the field of electrical energy in previous years, entire traffic industry is on the verge of having a significant turnover. In the aviation sector, small entrepreneurs as well as big corporations are focusing on development of new aircraft types as we call it now - drones. Drones had an industry breakthrough in the form of toys, video production equipment and lately also as delivery service. With ever improving ratio between power capacity and weight of lithium ion batteries, the concept of passenger drones finally becomes technically feasible.

eVTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) and eSTOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft are getting developed rapidly, which opens up a need for new regulations and rethinking of ensuring safety in air space and urban areas.

New rules of air traffic will be amended, and along with private landing ports there will be a need for main city urban airport. Along with optimising outdated traffic infrastructure in the capital of Slovenia, this new typology in urban structure is a subject of this thesis.

Dušan Sekulic

Docent Primož Jeza
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