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Part 2 Project 2019
Tristan Kelly
RIBA Studio Oxford UK
What began with an unconventional architectural position, defying the notion that ‘form follows function’, the brief has evolved to question the notion of time overlap through the experience of space, to challenge the traditional form of burial in Ireland and to enhance our environmental awareness.

A ‘compotorium’ is a neologism for architecture that facilitates a natural burial or natural composting of human remains. This form of burial seeks to minimise environmental impacts by eliminating the embalming process and replacing conventional coffins with biodegradable materials. The memorial service is expressed through an architecture that evokes simultaneous times, bringing a sense of place to the user, a sense of existence in all times. The compotorium embodies a new thought process of a collective community and how we might give back to our planet in a selfless act of composting and burying our bodies in a natural non-polluting way. It highlights the need for architects to get involved in pertinent societal issues such as this, which can become part of the fabric that makes up our planet’s built environments.

Tristan Kelly

Myles Burke
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