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ArchiPUNKture: Colonising an Icon

Part 2 Project 2019
Nicolas Hubin
University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK
Punk Architecture is not architecture for punks but rather an architectural style for everyone inspired by the Punk Movement. It strips back the complexities ingrained within architecture which can be seen as being responsible for its current pompous, self-important and bland state. Punk architecture aims to revert architecture back to its simpler more provocative and rebellious form and question its status quo.

Through ignoring the rules and regulations that states one must respect a city’s historical architectural icons, the artist colony is proposed atop, within and around the adored Mackintosh School of Art. The typology is in itself rooted within the tenets of Punk as it is a stripped back version of what it means to truly learn art, as before the age of art schools, artists learnt through living and working in close proximity to one another.

Through its parasitic and destructive implementation onto and within the school, the building is transformed from a museum piece to what it was originally designed to be: a place for people to learn art. This architecturally Punk proposal aims to stand as a rebellious symbol against the current state of architecture and give the city of Glasgow a less bland architectural identity.

Nicolas Hubin

John Barr
Marcin Nykaza
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