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Florida Peak

Part 1 Project 2020
Heba Mohsen
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) London | UK
Florida Peak is a hotel, constructed over 421 years. The project provides a speculative look into the role of the architect in the future and alternate means of construction. In Bradley Junction, the site of this project, there is the highest point in Florida, a 114m stack of semi-
solid radioactive phosphate mining waste.

At the foreground of Florida Peak is the design of a new construction process. The project proposes an infrastructure which takes the anthropocentric way we live and produce waste and creates a building methodology devoid of human control and interaction to utilise this waste. The architect becomes merely a facilitator, setting a system into play, and then leaving it to play out. The architect of this project has to relinquish control, he will not be around 421 years later when the project is finished. Will anyone be around?

Bradley Junction is forgotten and desolate. The mining industry came, mined them dry, and left. This man made stack of contaminated waste remains. Florida Peak is a long term concept, slowly transforming this environmental scar into a beacon of hope. Imagining how a left behind community could appropriate the architectural profession to reawaken forsaken environments.

Heba Mohsen

Pascal Bronner
Thomas Hillier
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