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Designing With Bata: New Doggerlands, A Dynamic Masterplan for Enabling the East Tilbury Commons

Part 2 Project 2020
Yip Wing Siu
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
Designing with the East Tilbury community through modes of critical engagement termed ‘plur-ticipation’, urban negotiations that are attuned to difference quickly develop into catalytic-frameworks that learn from the successes of the (once) radical company town and speculates on future modes of community planning, living and stewardship over vulnerable estuarial landscape(s).

Instead of working against the forces of nature, the comm(o)nity of East Tilbury has long sought to return to a nomadic way of life. Returning to principles of the historic commons, their settlements are designed with the foresight of adapting to change between land and waterscapes, where the dynamic masterplan is built across time, seasons and tides. From an initial afforestation of the marshland ecology, a soft system for commons production began, fifty-years ago.

Driven by historical principles in commoning, of 'piscary', 'estovers' and 'in the soil', living within the community involves a new relationship to the water and land through seasonal agriculture, ecological and socio-material stewardship. Safeguarding the Bata Estate further inland, it contemplates an approach to architecture that is post-compositional, reactionary, and embedded within larger ecological systems. Instead of building against the water, flooding becomes an opportunity to democratically rearrange and expand the commons across the Thames.

Yip Wing Siu

Mr Patrick Weber
Ms Sabine Storp
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