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Motus Officium

Part 1 Project 2021
Cameron Wiles
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
Situated within the rapidly expanding King’s Cross Knowledge Quarter, Motus Officium proposes a speculative headquarters for an artificial intelligence company, which integrates the technology within the architecture to offer an alternative model for a post-pandemic officium.

Developing upon the methodologies of Reflexive Architecture, conditions of occupancy are altered through kinetic systems, controlled by the company’s Artificial Intelligence. The occupant’s behavioural shifts are monitored by the building’s ‘Brain’ which utilises inhabitants as part of a machine learning process, providing an active role in the company’s research and testing.

Within the Officium, the programmatic constraints of the pre-pandemic office spaces are lifted, with a central focus around providing recreational and creative interspaces, a response to the obsessive nature of our synthetic realities brought on to us by the digital interface.

The Officium extends across the canal, combining with a series of public testing spaces, also adopting a reflexive methodology through the integration of an ETFE façade system.

A parallel notion for control over the company’s representation through the kinetic systems could also manifest through the scheme’s detailing, centring around a notion of transparency, heralding from the company’s desire to appear honest and open.

Cameron Wiles

Doina Carter
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