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Agora Anamnesis

Part 2 Project 2021
Timothy Welch
London South Bank University | UK
The Agora Anamnesis is an early onset dementia diagnosis centre and a synaesthetic performing arts venue; an innovative hybrid typology blending the best of neuroscience and memory therapy with state-of-the-art musical performance, media, and technology.
The site context is the 'memory making' heart of the capitol; Piccadilly Circus, and the building prioritizes human health and wellbeing as a key design constraint.
The design is humane and intuitive and creates a welcoming clinical refuge from the bustle of Soho. It is a place to celebrate through music, with strangers, friends, and family. And a place to create, sustain and repair memories.
The technology incorporated into the envelope of the Agora Anamnesis speculates a next-generation facade comprised of over eighty thousand fibre- optic dendrite micro-screens. This ‘hairy façade’ forms an expressive envelope that celebrates the vibrant sonic and cultural context of the site.
The synaesthetic skin resonates in sympathy with soho and generates energy from the noise pollution and music created by buskers and the urban youth that populate the immediate site context.

A photogrammetric research tool was developed specifically for the project using thousands of frames of film and audio footage to generate an interactive site portrait and immersive VR simulation.

Timothy Welch

Yianna Moustaka
Luke Murray
Piotr Smiechowicz
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