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Towards a New Modernism: The House of the City

Part 2 Project 2021
Conor Vale
University of Nottingham | UK
This Design Thesis postulates the significance of Modernist space conception and its continued applicability. The value of Modernism lies in its spatial articulation, belied by its vilified aesthetic. Through investigation of Le Corbusier’s ‘Dom-Ino’ and ‘5 Points of a New Architecture’, the Design Thesis promotes the composition of architectural performance, as a critique of applied ornament for meaning. Deriving an architecture from type as process, reference and advancement is made to the ‘5 Points’, through analysis of Stirling & Gowan’s Leicester Engineering Building by comparison to Le Corbusier’s villas. Critically, the scheme tests the agency of the ‘5 Points’ in adapting and responding to the 21st Century debate of ‘sustainability’ in a civic context.

A new Town Hall for Leicester advocates spatial performance, by establishing a diverse programme bringing citizens together. An architecture truly for the people - presenting a democratic vision for the future city.

Borne of a revised Dom-Ino, a spatial paradigm, the tectonic is intertwined with consideration of long-term sustainability. Utilising phenomenal transparency, spatial layering and the inherent flexibility of the free plan demonstrates social sustainability through extension of indeterminate civic realm. From the Modern House to the Contemporary City; Towards a New Modernism.

Conor Vale

Dr Laura Hanks
Nick Haynes
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