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A Post Pandemic Pocket Book to Re-connect a Faceless Society

Part 2 Project 2021
Eleanor Butcher
Leeds Beckett University | UK
A research proposition conducted through the COVID19 pandemic and articulated into a story book of current conditions, as a proposition to challenge Co-living as a way to overcome the isolation experienced in our home environments.
The project is centred on ‘Care’ as the primary narrative for the way community is instilled in us as people, rather than as an architecture proposition to create community. This has been evident in this last year with buildings made redundant and people being the forefront for support, whether it digital or 2 meters away. Therefore, the project articulates a unilateral position for being an objective framework to accommodate multi-collaborative spaces as a deployment of structural components, for a system of user inputted conditions to build neighbourhoods that harness a continuity of people’s spatial needs, rather than conformed to the rules of minimums for accommodation and work as separate ideologies.

Eleanor Butcher

Nick Tyson
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