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Sevenoaks Sustainable Education and Energy Centre

Part 2 Project 2022
Michael Jon Crook
London South Bank University | UK
The project explores energy and infrastructure issues, which are one of the most important issues we are facing in our contemporary society. The proposal is to provide, at its core, an accessible higher education and research facility with a focus on sustainability through design and content, connecting to new methods of energy production and storage. It also aims to integrate new local cultural activities to educate students and local people alike.

By replacing the existing manufacturing facilities in the site, the proposal follows an innovative discourse in architecture by pushing the programmes of research, education and energy production and storage facilities to explore more sustainable and circular economic conditions for the future.

The rich programmatic solutions were combined with the dynamic terrain of the Sevenoaks Quarry resulting in a fully articulated architectural scheme that opens the site up to a range of important and beneficial uses. The project and set of drawings present a series of architectural proposals where highly complex spatial and functional arrangements are solved. This has resulted in a final architectural design coherently detailed with a focus on issues of both technical and social concerns of contemporary architectural discourse.

Michael Jon Crook

Jonathan Bush
Yoav Caspi
Onur Ozkaya
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