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Tracing Thresholds: Landscape Production

Part 2 Project 2023
Kyle Stone
Jacob Shaw
University of Plymouth | UK
This design intervention for Tuti Island in Khartoum, Sudan, situated at the confluence of the White and Blue Niles, addresses environmental and livelihood challenges arising from recent developments, including Tuti Bridge and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The island's once agrarian South-East peninsula is particularly affected by flooding and landscape erosion, removing traces of human inhabitation. Site analysis in the form of landscape tracing revealed the juxtaposition of the imposed grid and the organic Tutian relationship to the water, presenting an opportunity for the intervention. To preserve Tuti Island's culture and heritage amidst these changes, the proposition integrates vernacular technology with contemporary sustainability practices. The design establishes production centres and landscape interventions that foster intergenerational skills associated with traditional clay and date palm craftsmanship. The vernacular technologies form Zeer pots, traditional devices that provide cool and nutrient-rich water, symbolic focal points in public spaces, facilitating dialogue as mnemonic devices, preserving the island's cultural identity. Moreover, the project acknowledges Tuti Island's role within the Nile River Basin Initiative, learning to inhabit and clean the rivers. By harmonizing cultural heritage with innovative sustainable practices, the project promotes the island's resilience and holistic relationships between the local community and its environment.

Kyle Stone
Jacob Shaw

Mr Robert Brown
Ioana Popovici
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