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Fractal Construction of Cultural Landscape In Valparaíso, Housing Collective In Santo Domingo Hill

Part 2 Project 2003
Claudio Vergara
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
This is an urban recovery project for a sector with patrimonial value from the city of Valparaíso. In order to bring in its cultural landscape, we have proposed a study using fractal diagrams. This strategy makes possible not only to adapt to a complex and irregular morphology, but also it integrates conditions, such as coupling to the existing urban pedestrian scheme, interlacement between the housing network and public ways, construction of places for common use and neighbourhoods, and recovery of places inherent to a spontaneous character architecture observed in the hills, including lookouts, vertical yards, galleries and balconies.
This project is a low cost housing collective of middle high with 28 stepped apartments, composed by buildings of reinforced concrete wall supporting structure, secondary metal frames and plate coatings of aluminum and zinc.

Claudio Vergara

The project corresponds to a group of degree projects where the emphasis was put on architectonic design process.

It is intended to incorporate contemporaneous thought matters and link them to creative process of space in architecture.

The workgroup proposed that buildings should reflect their own culture and be developed with common technologies.

Fractal geometry was used as an investigation about the spaces with architectonic content of old houses in the city of Valparaíso.

The goal of the project was to develop a renewing project of an old area of the city, where plot of narrow streets and stairways generates a complex geometry.

The project corresponds to low cost housing with a kind of space organization which enables a strong social interaction.

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