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Escape Hong Kong

Part 2 Project 2003
Tim Furzer
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
Politically contentious and strategically awkward, the Hong Kong harbour site required careful consideration.

The scheme reconciled the need for substantial accommodation housing a new Legislative Council Complex with the provision for the people of Hong Kong.

The approach was to create a perimeter structure housing the Government complex and acting as a giant filter/buffer from the city, the remaining space was transformed into a mysterious tranquil oasis.

The scheme tackled the anomaly of orchestrating a place of contemplation in the centre of a busy city.

The frenetic and tiring factors were transcended allowing an experience of retreat and enjoyment.

Tim Furzer

He has approached the development of a major waterfront site in Hong Kong with cool strategic thinking that embraces both the organisational complexity and the poetic interpretation equally.

The project is part retreat, part legislative building, part hotel, a political and hedonistic oasis in the heart of a major metropolitan city. If you look very closely even the filing system is designed.

The scheme is one of revelation and surprise, a complex that is packed with design incident - a sunken restaurant, sleekly moving external skins, picnic parks, water-filled entrances.

It is a 'tour de force' where as much is made of the detail as it is of the grand and elegant gesture.

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