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Design for Life: Egerton Street Fun Palace, Toxteth, Liverpool

Part 1 Project 2014
Jiadong Qiang
University of Liverpool | UK
The final degree project demanded an utmost specific redefinition and reinterpretation of terraced housing and should show a range of theories supporting the particular housing project. This project started with a unique field investigation and abstract spatial experimentation in terms of particular figures and characters.

The site is regarded as both a physical and psychological boundary of the residential area of northern Toxteth in Liverpool. The whole design approach intended to create a particular urban model which fulfils the active events, flexibility, structure and the certain ‘bricolage’ as well as a juxtaposition of spatial experiences that correspond to four different prototypes.

Alternatively, the follies provide experimentation on the traditional English landscape as layers are weaved through the front retained façade and rear housing units. This integrated urban model is regarded as a demonstration of a more enjoyable way of living in a complicated part of the city. It is a model, an exemplar, of a new mode of urban organisation for a contemporary Northern England de-industrialised city.

Jiadong Qiang

Sandy Britton
Mr Mushtaq Saleri
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