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Office of the future: Borough inhabited bridge

Part 1 Project 2015
Daniel Tang
London South Bank University | UK
In the context of finite resources, the global environmental crisis, and a construction industry generally servicing global capitalism without any kind of moral position, we want to consider ways in which the making of buildings can becomes a key component of positive social change.

In response to this agenda, a bridge for living aims to introduce a work-life integration by promoting the lost sense of local community into the city. To liberate enclosed redundant land of Borough triangle for a public garden, the inhabited bridge is to provide office facilities, staff accommodation and simultaneously connects the former dark hidden spaces for safe access. By building above the ground, it revitalizes the activity of the existing railway arches’ spaces for commercial activities.

The main construction of the bridge is inspired by structural engineer Manja van De Worp’s experiment project “brick wall as necklace”. The project is to investigate how to build a perforated monolithic wall using interlocking panels. This engineering concept becomes the key driving force for the design of this prefabricated structure. In summary, the Borough inhabited bridge utilizes the typology of the site to make both public and private spaces distinct, turning engineered structure into a sustainable and habitable architecture.

Daniel Tang

Nic Pople
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