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MXT Project

Part 2 Project 2000
Ole Scheeren & Henrik Rothe
Architectural Association London | UK
MexT project

Manifesto: a series of terms describing phenomena of media space and physical space are introduced to identify social, territorial and economical value systems.

Split Mayor: the separation of the representational and operational roles of the mayor is far more efficient than their uncontrolled overlap. Liberated from the need to be popularist, mayor and experts can act in a focused and targeted way to execute the necessary steps to maintain and improve the city structure.

Vocs [eye-level]: representational systems are developed to fully exploit the power of the image. Strategic media implementations, as hybrids between everyday life
functions and city government information, form a system of virtual manifestations and tools of communication.

Fixpoints [u-level]: excavated from the ground of the city, 7 urban arenas create spaces without precise determination, public assembly points, spaces of transience and the
return and departure points of the MexT.

Fixpoints [ad-level]: communication screens at these locations provide large-scale information on the city government and finance, and because of its commercial value the lease of the GLA’s accommodation.

Fixpoints [sky-level]: empty office space in london’s 7 tallest structures is allocated to the GLA, and gives the public access to the sky-level of london.

MexT [free negotiable level]: urban negotiators, the mayor's expert team, establish lines of relationships and connections between people, institutions and the multiple spatial conditions of the city. The lines and trajectories are in constant flux, gradually covering the entire terrain of Greater London.

Mayor [super professional level]: moving between the different locations, the Mayor crosses all territories,
mediating and connecting the heterogeneous particles of the system.

Split citizen: the integration of the citizen as private persona and public actor into the governmental process confronts the administrative structure with the scale of the individual.

Ole Scheeren & Henrik Rothe

City Hall for London

The City hall for London project clearly recognises the relationship
between city-wide political and legislative changes and their effect at a
local scale. It cleverly exploits the split representational and
operational roles of the Mayor in order to generate the alternative
institution and space of the City Hall. It is this subtle link between
institution and space that creates the active relationship between the
physical and social interventions that allow the City Hall to be flexible
enough to simultaneously interact with the individual and the city as a

Carlos Villanueva Brandt

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