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The Factory of Nostalgia

Part 2 Project 2019
Mirna Pasic
London South Bank University London UK
This proposal for a handmade-paper factory, set in London’s Soho, illustrates the district’s transition from being a globally renowned shopping district to becoming a neglected and outdated area as a result of the outpacing, technological advancements in internet retail and artificial intelligence.

A nostalgia for traditional methods trails along with the changes in the means of production that technological advancement brings. Techniques of the past are lost to these swiftly overtaking advances that permeate livelihoods worldwide. The artist’s, sculptor’s, and designer’s experience of the sound of a brushstroke, or shading of a pencil against paper, are stolen by time. Although technology is regarded to have enhanced the livelihoods of some, for others it has subtracted a quality of craftsmanship that can only be achieved by traditional, non-mechanised techniques. “The Factory of Nostalgia” celebrates and retains the essence of these traditional longed-for techniques and embraces the nostalgia felt for handmade pieces. It’s a reminder for how far we have come in the hypothesis that paper is being replaced by the digital and has become obsolete. It further informs the user of the environmental effects of its production and how this could be replaced by more environmentally conscious methods.

Mirna Pasic

Antonios Lalos
Angela Vanezi
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