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Urban Catalyst – Art and Transportation

Part 1 Project 2019
Nour Borghol
London South Bank University | UK
The medieval period pronounced the cathedral, as the pioneering of technology, since it united the collective ideas (divine) and social realm (mundane). What would be our modern day’s analogy?

One may argue that the location of the railway station defines the infrastructure, subsequently deciding the human interaction of the whole city; however, it is merely in mundane sense.

“Whenever art happens - that is, whenever there is a beginning - a thrust enters history; history either begins or starts over again. The history here means not a sequence in time of events, of whatever sort, however important. History is the transporting of a people into its appointed task as entry into that people's endowment.” The origin of the work of art, Martin Heidegger.

The site is New Bond Street Crossrail and the brief is to design an extension. The project aims to fuse the creation of art into the station’s essential functionality. It proposes to become a catalyst that channels the endowments of ideas from the historical perspective and the modern-day transaction. Re-vitalise the meeting place of the collective and the mundane, as a modern day’s cathedral.

Nour Borghol

Todor Demirov
Daniel Tang
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