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A Conversation Through Time

Part 2 Project 2019
Sree Ramchander
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
With the fortification of scientific pursuit by self-referential information, Architecture today, as opposed to being the embodiment of meaning, leans steadily closer to the embodiment of information in subservience to material domination that supersedes empirical knowledge.

In the active pursuit of process that is not defined or regulated by frameworks established by scientistic, self-referential or media enhanced structures, I adopt an autonomous viewpoint that aims to achieve, as opposed to a linear outcome, a symphonic one that is encompasses the full range of human potential from alchemy to digital technology.

Nestled in the highest peak of the land that harbours some of the oldest surviving structures in the world, the project thus aims to draw from the past, interweave and collect unassumingly the continuum of the present and project into a future identity, meaning, knowledge, resources and the potential for human life.

The Allegory of symbols are the stories that lie dormant, shrouded in layers of coded form until the time it is ready to be perceived. The form therefore is the armour to the idea, the vessel, the vehicle and the body. In itself it is the physical carrying with it the metaphysical – The idea, the metaphor, the fleeting, and the intangible identity.

Sree Ramchander

Barbara Griffin
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