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The Print Palace

Part 2 Project 2019
Jonathan Pateman
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield UK
Today’s society tends to accept that form is more important than that of process. We glorify finished objects in galleries whilst the imperfect process that created them is often forgotten. Our industrial architecture has become a physical reflection of this as our current global, inaccessible and alienating mode of production results in industry being isolated to industrial estates and hidden behind blank facades. It’s treated like an unworthy necessity of modern existence and kept from public view, forcing us to become detached from the fascinating processes of production.

The print palace however proposes an alternative production facility that adaptively reuses disused gasholders across the UK as local factories utilizing the extrapolated potential of today’s digital design and fabrication tools to produce goods that can be digitally downloaded, parametrically personalized and locally fabricated, returning production to being personal, public and local once again.

The project, whilst saving gasholders from further demolition, sympathetically restores the evocative rise-and-fall movement for the additive manufacturing process creating an ever-evolving façade that becomes a rightful attraction, exposing people to the missed wonders of production and promoting a new typology of industrial architecture that isn’t reflective of the sheds of curiosities and hidden wonderlands we encounter today.

Jonathan Pateman

Nic Clear
Hyun Jun Park
Vijay Taheem
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