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Strangely Familiar

Part 2 Project 2019
Jodie Kellas Wilson
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK
This thesis is a study seeking an appropriate architecture for the medieval centre of Antwerp. By creating an architecture which celebrates the mundane city, the thesis transforms “anaesthetics” to “aesthetics”, through a new contemporary architecture which feels ‘strangely familiar’. The proposal celebrates the process of ‘discovery’ in the city by referencing the shifting geometries of the medieval plan as a new modulated museum. The ‘Museum of the Everyday’ is a layering of inner and outer chambers, a collection of varied exceptional, public galleries. Antwerp offers a mosaic of elegant architectural styles and a similar mosaic is recreated on the site. It is a celebration of Flemish vernacular.
Jodie Kellas Wilson

Charles Sutherland
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