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Lessons from Construction City

Part 1 Project 2019
Adam de Vere
Manchester School of Architecture UK
Lessons from Construction city is a design for a textile factory and co-operative in the Ancoats area of northern Manchester to re-house small fabric businesses pushed out of their original spaces by the corporate entities that plague this area.

The aim is to provide a building that will subvert the capitalist hegemony and factory typology. To make occupants feel like people not parts. To empower them by giving them agency of their spaces by making them changeable.

To answer these needs, one must look to Construction city. The metabolic agent of change in the urban ecology, made and used anywhere and everywhere by the working people of the world. It comes and goes fitting any situation all at breakneck pace. It embodies change and It may be without architects, but it is definitely not without architecture.

A structural system generated by an algorithm designed to imitate scaffolding on any given massing. Form found by the geometric principles of the “unfinished” buildings of the deconstructivist era. Represented by unconventional drawing types inspired by the warped perspectives, symbology and proto-virtual of the tapestry.

Adam de Vere

Matt Ault
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