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An Agroforest Settlement: Rejuvenating Tonyamang’s Cacao Forest

Part 1 Project 2020
Alexandria Peralta
Architectural Association | UK
This project is an examination of the opportunity to restore the agroforest values and traditions of the Toraja people in Tonyamang, Indonesia, diminished by the detrimental cycle of corporate exportation. The settlement rejuvenates the community and its agroforestry by providing the facilities for local farmers to process cacao, sell their products on site without needing exportation middlemen, and celebrating the process of harvesting/irrigation as a spectacle to be admired. The combination of both spectacles link to a market place, eatery, education centre, and community meeting zones where the cacao is sold and organized for continuing its sustainable production. The settlement gathers farmers, traders, educators, tourists, and community people to participate in the planning of cacao growth and trade, as well as the evaluation of cacao in festivals and chocolate industry events. Such a forest settlement honours Tonyamang farmers' tremendous contribution to South Sulawesi and expands its agroforestry practices.

Alexandria Peralta

Ricardo De Ostos
Nannette Jackowski
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