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Living a WILDlife; A Radical Symbiotic Enclave for the City

Part 1 Project 2020
Hafsa Saad Syed
University of Westminster | UK
‘Living a WILDlife’ is an ecological live-work scheme that proposes a new way of living in the heart of London, creating a biodiverse enclave of housing and workshops interwoven with the evolving landscape of Southwark. At a time when the populations of cities like London have become increasingly isolated in their sanitized, protected environments, living lives that are secluded from the extraordinary biodiversity which fills our towns and cities. The COVID19 pandemic has reawakened our desire to escape into the beauty of nature, while beyond our windows, the long ostracized animals and insects have emerged from their hiding places to reclaim the streets in our absence. This proposed architecture re-imagines the modern metropolis as a constructed landscape unifying the natural and man-made. An architecture of symbiosis, which seeks to become a haven where all forms of life may flourish, a place where the sound of birdsong marries the sound of traffic. Currently, a landscape of despair, building waste, and parked cars the site is to be transformed into an inhabited oasis. A hub for creativity where residents live in a sustainable way, engaging with the local community whilst using the in-house workshops to build the future.
Hafsa Saad Syed

Thomas Grove
Jane Tankard
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