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Fresh Air Market

Part 1 Project 2020
Erna Kuginyte
Cardiff University | UK
The Fresh Air and Food Market proposes immersive experiences of connecting with the local community and nature. A visitor is taken from the more active ground floor (fresh food market, vintage goods, honey-selling, tasting, and exchanging) to the slower-paced upper floor (appreciation of the local beekeepers, tea cafe, garden spaces). The project speculates and directs the ideal environments while being aware of the ever-contingent incentives from the city.

The Fresh Air market meets the old infrastructure of Regent’s canal with a new growing and trading infrastructure. The project balances key development identities of the site and creates a sense of place that is interwoven into the community.

A compromise of speculated contingency and autonomous architecture provides a full rationale for dealing with urban problems. The reciprocal relationship between the two allows for the idealistic values to flourish – growth, well-being, beauty, sustainability, and scale-shift.

By integrating issues of access and linkages, comfort and image, multiple uses and activities, and sociability into the urban design of the Regent’s canal the project establishes a focused dialogue with its site and begins revitalisation of the canal. The result is a responsive effect of lost identity and cultural vibrancy.

Erna Kuginyte

Lisa Harmey
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