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Holywell Yard

Part 1 Project 2020
Felix Everard
Kingston University | UK
Holywell Yard establishes a new creative centre in the heart of Shoreditch. A scaled down block of city, the building accommodates 3 symbiotic programs: art college, co-working space and artist studios, supported by ancillary amenities. These three programs support a wide spectrum of local creative industries creating a community that will benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas and spatial overlapping of the interior and the urban.

This building seeks to address the urgency of the climate crisis earnestly and in a direct way. If we are serious in our attempts at reversing the effects of global warming, then we must change the way we inflict ourselves on the world. Cross-laminated timber is the primary structural material, in physical statement of the building’s intent. This project optimistically looks to a future where timber construction and a responsible approach to construction and ecology is the new normal. A rational step towards solving our ecological crisis.

Felix Everard

William Burges
Kate Nicklin
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