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After the Flood

Part 1 Project 2020
Matthew King
University of Liverpool | UK
Inspired by the mythology of Detroit electro duo Drexciya, the project critiques global inaction and the idea of a ‘silver bullet’ solution to climate change, through the exploration of emerging technologies and a futuristic narrative.

It is the 23rd century; forty metres of sea level rise has submerged much of Merseyside. Liverpool’s waterborne inhabitants seek to mend their marine habitat by developing a localised climate engineering technology to reverse the temperature rise that has decimated the plankton population.

The project is being undertaken by the Biennial Art Foundation which needs a base of operations for their climate engineering and artistic endeavours.

The resulting scheme is an investigation into the feasibility and potential implementation of atmospheric dust injection. A huge vacuum airship built from cellular ceramics and recycled ocean polymers, lifts both a locally sourced calcite solution and some of the Biennial’s more intrepid visitors, twenty kilometres into the stratosphere. Here the solution is released as an aerosol, reflecting solar radiation, whilst onlookers experience the spectacle with visceral views of the earth below.

In summary, the proposal centres around a futuristic, localised, climate change reversal approach. However, it is the antithesis of this, global climate change prevention, that is needed now.

Matthew King

Ben Devereau
Antony Mackay
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