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Education for Autonomy

Part 1 Project 2020
Dola Moni Mukta
London South Bank University | UK
In a society where the idea of community is vanishing in between the vastness of tall corporate buildings, the proposal of a live-work educational centre located near Canary Wharf, is the result of the interpretation of socio-economic factors of migrant families, as well as aspiring new entrepreneurs The site is the boundary between commercial and the residential area where an initial survey on the multicultural residents depicted the necessity of a gathering space to provide new opportunities.

The project with the provision of housing, trading opportunities and educational spaces, aims to empower the deprived women of the community by creating an environment for learning and business development, which would allow them to become self-sufficient.

The series of CLT buildings are used for counselling residents in need and all facing towards the central marketspace, seen as social hub. Although the centralised space depicts the influence of the Panopticon, a prison with centralised tower used for surveillance, its functionality has been inverted to become the strategy of a protected community. The research focused on how the surrounding public space could view the site and how these have been reversed into volume to protect the community from exposing to public.

Dola Moni Mukta

Todor Demirov
Daniel Tang
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