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The Contemporary Terminal

Part 1 Project 2020
Sofia Coviello
University of Lincoln | UK
The Contemporary Terminal applies the concept of the "Aerotropolis" to the UK built environment of Bicester. It proposes that aviation of the future will provide a sustainable economic foundation for the local area by re-imagining the typology of the airport as an integral part of the townscape. It will be a catalyst for both neighbourhood development and passenger experience by investing in smart technologies for security and sustainable lead design.

Bicester is known as the most rapidly developing town in the UK and was named a garden town in 2014. These attributes provide successful environment for the aerotropolis to function and achieve sustainable aviation.

The air terminal initially thrived throughout the jet age era around the 1940s, but this experience started to decline following the introduction of more stringent security measures that defines the experience of contemporary air travel. As modern air terminal design across the globe looks to smart technologies there, is an opportunity to revive the nostalgic feeling of aviation from the jet age.

The building itself creates a journey for the passenger, beginning from the entrance of the building rather than on board the aircraft. The indoor-outdoor composition offers an immersive experience for visitors.

Sofia Coviello

Liam Swaby
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