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Vertical Asclepeions: Reinstalling an Architecture of Public Care

Part 2 Project 2020
Christopher Kokarev
Architectural Association | UK
Vertical Asclepeions are a network of public health sanctuaries for the care of urban mental health. Through the adaptive re-use of decommissioned tower blocks across London, the project proposes an addition to the existing public healthcare infrastructure. Challenging the socially exclusive wellness industry and alternative health trends, this project believes in the inherent ability of public architecture to democratise communal care through social engagement, therapeutic services and spatial qualities that are not characteristic of the average domestic space in the city.

Drawing ideas on sustainable healthcare from social democracies like the Ancient Greece and mid-20th century Finland, Vertical Asclepeions is a proposal for a city-wide network of health sanctuaries inserted into decommissioned tower blocks, where people can find refuge from the stresses of life in the city.

Britain has a strong tradition of social progress in regards to public health infrastructure, but it has recently been under significant strain. By providing infrastructure that supports pre-diag- nosis solutions around lifestyle and mental health we can potentially reduce the pressure on post-diagnosis services, which currently do too much of the work in our healthcare system.

Deep down, the project is a proposal for a new type of a public space, which facilitates the democratisation of self-care amongst urban populations in Britain.

Christopher Kokarev

Miraj Ahmed
Martin Jameson
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