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Part 2 Project 2020
Sinead Fahey
University of Westminster | UK
A student accommodation block, music college, guild hall and bridge located next to and inspired by the eclectic and colourful Dagenham Sunday Market on the riverside at Barking in East London.

The architecture is derived from various types of ‘chance operations’. Randomised functions are used to generate notation systems, which are then traded between members of our studio as sets of instructions for generating objects. Key characteristics from the objects are identified, refined and extended, creating a catalogue of parts that act as unique architectural components with distinct material and formal qualities that are directly applied to the architecture.The scheme is situated within a wider masterplan for a technical college that incorporates the existing Sunday market.

Developed collaboratively by four members of the studio, a collection of abstract compositions were created, swapped and tested to generate layouts. Layering in elements found in our compositions including colour and extracted grids, the architectural ideas of St Mark’s Square and the works of Le Corbusier as seen on our studio trip, complex programmatic requirements, connections between each other’s projects, including a literal bridge to connect schemes, and a challenging urban site to develop individual proposals and unique representational techniques.

Sinead Fahey

Sean Griffiths
Dr Kester Rattenbury
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