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Augmented Reality Hub - People, Place and ARt[e]facts

Part 2 Project 2020
Adam Smith
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
In today's digital age, does the phrase 'life takes place' even make sense? Human life so often involves people navigating the world independently of the landscapes or places in which they find themselves. Digitisation has become a condition of existence, we no longer rely on our own experiences and sense of place in the world, instead we reach for our smart devices and engage with digital distractions. By splitting our presence between our digital extensions, we are neglecting, sacrificing and losing our connection with our being, physically placed in the here-and-now present. This is why over time the meaning of building and dwelling, both as words and activities, have been lost to us.

This project represents an attempt to take control of our lives and utilise digital technologies to achieve reconnection between people and place. Exploring themes of placelessness, transition and autonomy, this project offers a solution to the neglected pedestrian experience in Milton Keynes, by providing a place for physical art to be created and experienced digitally across the city.

Adam Smith

Damien Hodgson
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