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Through the Looking Glass

Part 1 Project 2021
James Langlois
University of Liverpool | UK
Through the Looking Glass, a design for an Art Hub amongst the remains and grounds of St Luke’s Church in Liverpool, looks to continue and enhance the site’s recent reputation as a venue and home of creativity within the urban heart of the city. The scheme not only provides new facilities for creative expression but also aims to present to the public what many may see as the unapproachable and inaccessible creative process.

Many people experience art as the finalised form of a long process resulting in a disconnect between the artist, their art and the viewer. To deconstruct this barrier, the design intervention creates visual links between the public realm and spaces of creative production. This unique event will engage people’s desire of understanding the creation of art making at St Luke’s as an accessible hub for all. Through the process of reusing the ruins of the church, the design aims to carefully respect, enhance, exhibit and celebrate the heritage of this important local landmark throughout the intervention.

James Langlois

Nicholas Webb
Ataa Alsalloum
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