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Authentic Scene of Labor

Part 1 Project 2021
Haein Heo
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
Choosing Jung-gu as the place for the project, began with personal interest. The industrial area, which covers parts of Jung-gu and Jongno-gu, has served as the center of various industries for a very long time in downtown Seoul. Currently, there are discussions about redevelopment due to the outdated exterior and environment, but under that old and worn physical elements, is the home of an industry that is alive and more active than anywhere else in Seoul. I started the project by imagining a public room for craftsmen and workshops in this area, for “the authentic scene of labor”. Cheonggyecheon Stream was previously used as a road and serves as a public open space, creating a heterogeneous atmosphere, below the layer of the existing city. To connect the urban context and the space of Cheonggyecheon Stream as the public open space, a public room is proposed underground space that can be accessed from both the city level on the ground and the level of Cheonggyecheon Stream underground.

Haein Heo

Jong Kyu Kim
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