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E Pluribus Unum: The Hive

Part 1 Project 2021
Oliver Porteous-Williams
University of Bath | UK
The social changes of 2020 have taught us one good thing - community is key. The Hive, a new youth centre for the deprived district of Brownsville (New York), is a building that doesn’t strive to focus on architectural aesthetics. It instead values its community over everything else. As the antithesis of its surroundings, it establishes itself as a new communal structure to resolve the rise of mental health in young people – creating a place where they can break away from imprinted stereotypes.Bursting from the rigid context, through its implementation of change and flexibility, it allows inhabitants to take ownership through a flexible design. The elevation is active and ever changing through its moving components – an evolving and growing façade to match with its dynamic user needs. Whether it be in the spatial layout, or the integrated environmental and structural considerations, the importance of a hive like structure is embedded throughout. Spaces focus on providing ACCESSIBLE facilities and becoming the needed ESCAPE from everyday stresses - allowing young people to find their VOICE and redefine their FUTURE. In the Hive young people and community can heal fractures caused by 2020's societal changes.
Oliver Porteous-Williams

Matthew Wickens
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