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Holborn School of Ceramics: Enriching the Public Realm through Material Reappropriation and the Development of Urban Pathways

Part 1 Project 2021
Peter Garfath
University of Brighton | UK
The contemporary scene of Central London’s architectural landscape is far from stagnant. The skyline is almost continually littered with cranes and scaffolding as the pricy fight for urban space skyrockets, often at any cost to the already deteriorating environment and its inhabitants, us.

At the heart of this project is the ethos of reappropriation in the name of being carbon conscious, with the more specific aim of retaining and utilising as much of the existing structural framework from the soon to be demolished ‘unsalvageable’ building on site.
The project is largely led and moulded by its positioning in the very pedestrianised area of Holborn, with the underlying connection of community altering the threshold of public and private, as a pedestrian path cuts the corner of the block and meanders through the proposed design.

To further extend the proposals carbon tiptoeing, ambient and direct natural lighting was the biggest variable when considering form, as passivity meant less reliance on fossil fuel amenities.

The proposal consists of two major components, the primary being the revitalisation of the tactile ceramic craftsmanship that is no longer as prominent in central London as it once was. The secondary program is several modular living quarters which are perched in the existing framework providing accommodation for the attending students or associated craftsmen and women.

Peter Garfath

Michael Howe
Mark Rist
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