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Life Support Machine

Part 1 Project 2021
Yeliz Abdurahman
University of Cambridge | UK
The consistent exponential population growth is leading Earth to a state of paralysis. This project is about adapting society to a new type of situation of monotonous landscapes and ecological degradation of a modified Earth. A design for a life support structure, a new urban layer that sits mid- air, plugged in to the existing building clusters. A pocket version model of the world that we are slightly losing, containing inside ecosystems made of elements ranging on a spectrum from natural to artificial, leading to a point where the distinction between the two becomes irrelevant.

Synthetic nature - stretched infinitely and at regular intervals over and within the city fabric. A public space overlaying the private space, occupying the air above it, as well as responding to the increased demand for food, housing, energy, transportation caused by the rapidly rising population of Hong Kong. The skin - operating as a harvesting surface, a farm, fuelling an integrated aerial tramway system. Its pylons - used as the structural towers around which the proposed spaces are constructed. A system of choreographed routes, dictating a constant transition between the inside and the outside, providing an alternative way of understanding and occupying cities.

Yeliz Abdurahman

Nikolai Delvendahl
Michael Tuck
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