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Cross of Destinations

Part 1 Project 2021
Pan Nga Chan
Chinese University of Hong Kong | China
Bridges are often built to connect and act as a pathway between two ends or destinations. Yet, a bridge could be more than a connector, it could also be a destination - a place for events, interactions and stay. This project is a 200-meter-long office building located across Shing Mun River nearby the heart of Sha Tin. With the event space and rooftop garden as the sub-programmes, the project aims to act as a point of intersection to provide a destination for people to stay on the river. The ramps from both ends draw people towards the "dead-ends" on the roof forming the "cross" in circulation and elevation. The strong dynamic created by the "cross" then forms different "destinations" for people to interact with each other and with the river. Thus, the project - "Cross of Destinations" aims to provide a new hub on Shing Mun River for mixed users - officers, residents and visitors, to interact, gather and enjoy the river together.

Pan Nga Chan

Cheng Chung
Belinda Law
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