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The Home as an Atmosphere

Part 1 Project 2021
Slavena Todorova
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
The task presented in the course was to design a single-family residential building.

I took the task as a search for the meaning of the word "home", breaking it through the texts in Peter Zumtor's "Atmospheres". I began to explore my own home and what makes me feel at home in it - following the characteristics that affect our senses. This analysis led me to several conclusions:
1. Our role as architects is not to create a "home", but conditions for one. The occupants are the ones who turn it into a home.
2. The kitchen is the most indicative sample of the premises for the word "home" - it affects three of our senses.
3. The boundary between outside and inside must remain palpable. A home that washes away these boundaries (for example: glazed) loses the sense of protection.

Initially, I came up with a system that satisfies the first conclusion - free reconfiguration. Then I came up with a specific solution, showing the capabilities of the system.

The project aims to perceive the home not just as four walls, but as a rhythm, a vibration - a constantly changing organism of boundaries that provokes each of our senses.

Slavena Todorova

Petar Petrov
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