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Identity Revival

Part 1 Project 2021
Diana Grigorie
Birmingham City University | UK
This project seeks to provide an apparatus for the existing and future population of Moseley, where the community can passively experience and understand the scars of the past to inform the future.

The intention is to address the cultural amnesia that is currently apparent and to create a new found nostalgia and sense of place that reinforces the connection between the people and Moseley. The design intends to establish collective memory by creating an experiential sequence of spaces and events that engage with the imagination of the visitor. This is achieved through the combination of existing and new structures and atmospheres created by natural light, materiality, textures, patterns and indoor and outdoor thresholds, guiding the users through a journey across the history of the place.

This culminates in an archive culture centre that facilitates social interaction to instigate and nurture discussions and debates for the ongoing development of the local surroundings. It is envisioned that this will enhance and reinforce the revival of civic identity, ensuring the future does not repeat the destructiveness of the past. This is a place that people will be intrigued to go in and immediately start to experience a nostalgic emotional sensibility to the space.

Diana Grigorie

Matthew Hayes
Matthew Jones
Rebecca Walker
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