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The Recycled Fun Palace: Repurposing Philadelphia’s Refinery Infrastructure through Community Institutes

Part 1 Project 2021
Luke Singleton
Leeds Beckett University | UK
Following a student competition to regenerate a refinery in South Philadelphia, our studio entry proposed ‘Community Institutes’. Community led Institutes that act as catalysts for regenerative reconstruction. ‘The Recycled Fun Palace’ is a community institute titled the South Philly Institute for Music and Culture.

Situated on the edge of the site lies a disused gasometer. The immense structure takes on a new role, acting as the framework for a Cedric Price inspired superstructure. In response to the ever-increasing climate emergency, the new architecture has been constructed by re-using refinery infrastructure. The architecture intertwines itself into the fabric of the city by interpreting Penn and Bacon’s urban plan for Philadelphia. ‘Tschumi Towers’ act as the anchoring grid, allowing 15 levels of multifaceted streets to extrude up into the sky, termed Philadelphia Stor[e]ys. The streets reassemble the vernacular of surrounding neighbourhoods, to become intimate and instantly recognisable. Users are inspired by the talented individuals that are showcased and are able to learn, teach and practice their skills to rebuild themselves and their community.

Luke Singleton

Simon Warren
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