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The Women of the Wait

Part 1 Project 2021
Hana Ahmad Baihaki
Manchester School of Architecture Manchester | UK
The social capacities and voices of women asylum seekers are too often dismissed. Women asylum seekers face an additional layer of gender-specific vulnerabilities, namely unequal access to healthcare and education and being at a greater risk of sexual violence, alongside the challenges that comes with being a refugee.

While the UK houses less than 1% of the global refugee population, a large proportion of initial asylum claims take months to reach a decision which is often a rejection, leading to feelings of fear, anxiety and an uncertain wait.

The Women of the Wait sits within the heart of Oxford Road to provide spaces where women asylum seekers can be empowered, tell their stories, challenge the uncertainty, receive the support they need to start anew, and raise awareness about the disproportional impacts of the refugee crisis on women.

With an aim to support women refugees and to ensure that the everyday urban experiences are not limited by the patriarchal social norms that have been built into our cities, The Women of the Wait highlights those who challenge the systems in place which deny women seeking asylum of their rights, and those who wish to build an equitable system for women asylum seekers.

Hana Ahmad Baihaki

Helen Aston
Emily Crompton
Kate Stott
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