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Monument Graveyard

Part 2 Project 2021
Joe Hyett
University of the West of England | UK
What happens when the value of public statues becomes questioned in contemporary society?

Following the fall of Colston many have looked to other monuments and questioned their prominence in public space. Historically monuments have been erected and monuments have fallen, as society changes, as power shifts, and understanding of how our history is interpreted is put into question. What is culturally acceptable today may be controversial and rejected years from now.

The monument graveyard offers a space for storage, away from the prominence of public places. The museum does not seek to preserve the statues in their existing condition but to treat them in a manner which allows them to age and weather, presenting them in a way which alters the hierarchical relationship between the monument and the viewer. The temporary exhibitions offer the opportunity to learn, and to understand the deep truths of the controversial individuals, which draws from all schools of historiography; prioritising and displaying an objective view of history.

Joe Hyett

John Comparelli
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