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Fabryka Ludowa

Part 2 Project 2021
Alastair Kinnis
University of Bath | UK
Through an exploration of hybrid building typologies this thesis project interrogates the capacity of architecture to facilitate sustainable growth within a modern mercantile city. The design seeks to address two primary drivers of technological advancement within industrial fabrication, the professional world and academic realm.

The Fabryka Ludowa builds upon the group urban design project undertaken in semester one which looked to address the challenges of sustainable urban life within a post-industrial city.

Drawing on the rich cultural foundations of Gdansk, this project looks to develop a scheme able to resonate with the collective unconscious of the local populace, aspiring to engage with both the present and future generations of the locale to cultivate an ethos of sustainable industrial culture.

A public ground floor plinth promotes the creation of inter relationships between each of the three unique building types unified by this project. The core programme is comprised of the citizens’ assembly, chamber of commerce, and university design factory.

The key aspiration of the proposed building was to present a model which forwarded the capability of architecture to support a self-perpetuating symbiotic system of governance, commerce, and education.

Alastair Kinnis

Steve Fisher
Rupert Grierson
Andrew Jarvis
Alan Keane
John Martin
Alexander Wright
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