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KAF: Korail Algaeculture Facility

Part 2 Project 2021
Jintao Ma
University of the West of England | UK
This project focuses on addressing important societal and environmental concerns, the design explores several critical issues facing society – set in Korail district is the biggest slum area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a context of severe flooding, informal housing, urbanisation, economic precocity and environmental degradation. The scheme incorporates and enhances skills the residents already know such as farming and craft skills, whilst the circular system of processing waste and reusing it for other purposes allows the residents to have autonomy over their environment. by utilise the natural algae growing around Banani Lake as a benchmark to initiate an architectural response to the urban context and for its community. By integrating the local vernacular constructional materials and techniques, the scheme uses distributed systems like flocking logic and swarm behaviour to generate the spatial configuration based on local algae farming processes. As well as the use of novel bamboo structural form-finding methods to generate new local affordable typologies developed by physics simulation engines to ensure structural integrity. Ultimately, to establish a community-led urban bio-facility and infrastructural network, by utilising algae-culture methodology to provide sustainable system to feed into the urban metabolism.

Jintao Ma

Merate Barakat
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