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Figures of Dissent: The Upper and Lower House

Part 2 Project 2021
Anna Crew
Queen's University Belfast | UK
The project is a re-imagining and undoing of Parliament Buildings at Stormont. The found language of the building, and the hegemonic ideals of power and government it projects, are entered into as one half of a critical conversation. What follows is the enactment of a spatial dialogue by the exertion instead spatial ‘figures’- configurations of structure and space that act to obfuscate, disrupt, subvert and inhabit the armature of the old parliament.

These figures, rather than sharing in any commonality of materiality or language, share instead an intonation; each, in facilitating some new move within the space, some removal of fabric or more general recalcitrance, responds to the existing by at first heightening anticipation for a continued order before acting to refute it. The consequence of this is to permit the renegotiation of a social order by the spatial contradiction of one former, which is permitted to exist only residually.

The resulting spaces, both ‘senate’ and commons, are then ‘made-strange’ in an act of further meta-fiction by the staging of selected theatre pieces within them, re-casting these spaces of government, and their ensuing rituals, as equally as indulgent of their own constructed-ness as the ?gures that permit their production.

Anna Crew

Catherine Blaney
Colm Moore
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