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EX-Machina - National Parasite

Part 2 Project 2021
Shadi Osta
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
The definition of [Ex-Machina] means “god from the machine”. A device anciently used by gods to resolve insoluble disruptions. Paranoia states a form of entity that has been absurd by the cerebral triviality of plausibility. “Paranoid Sites” cease failing architectural projects incapable of secreting any form of life. What if we could transverse paranoid sites from seeds of dystopia. Opposing healing scars to a damaged land site could help reinterprets its existence.

The project labels a rebellious pilot of “Machination”; a prototypic intervention with broader meanings of reactivation and radicalism will reconcile the scarred sites.

With Utopic scope to approach. A powerful instrument must be injected into “Paranoid Sites” to examine the power of architecture in ideas of replacement and time, healing and deepening the wound. Mseilha Dam stands as a citadel strapped from domestic and agricultural life holding unspoken metaphoric meanings of war and failing political crucial ideologies.

Accordingly, Silk-industrial Park will resemble an architectural parasitic movement, especially after the Lebanese revolution, a country suffering mostly from ecologic-political segregation. Hence, The Dam wall will metamorph a growing geometry, open multi-platform, and progressive degradation from paranoia to life. A new plot will indulge from the architectural immune system against territorialism.

Shadi Osta

Prof. Ibtihal El-Bastawissi
Marwan Halabi
Hiba Mohsen
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